The Alleghenies SCORE Chapter has had an impact on the business climate of Central Pennsylvania since it was founded through the efforts of the Blair County Chamber of Commerce and the Pittsburgh Branch Office of the Small Business Administration.  Initially, the chapter was a satellite of the Pittsburgh SCORE Chapter until gaining its own charter in 1988.

The primary service area then was Altoona and Blair County but now includes Bedford, Blair, Cambria, Fulton and Somerset Counties.  These counties range from being predominately rural to small urban communities, encompassing a wide array of businesses.  Our chapter members have assisted more than 3,000 clients ranging from individuals wanting to start a business, existing businesses wanting to grow to become profitable or those looking for help in solving a particular problem. 

The Alleghenies Chapter is a major catalyst for business development and is a cost-effective means for promoting economic growth.  Success stories are one of the ways we use to show how our clients have benefited from mentoring and the resulting impact that it has made in their communities, Additionally, the SCORE Association does random surveys of our cases on a continuing basis, as a means to determine not only client satisfaction but also to gauge how well the chapter is performing in general.